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Tips for a Successful Virtual Christmas Party

Published November 26, 2020 (last updated on April 18, 2024) | Adam Wyatt - Content Writer

cheerful remote worker in santa hat sips champagne during virtual christmas party

Every company approaches Christmas parties differently. Since most companies have gone remote, a virtual Christmas party is a viable option to celebrate the holidays with your remote teams. While hosting a virtual Christmas party can seem daunting, we have some tips to host a successful virtual Christmas party.

How do you Throw a Virtual Christmas Party? 

You can hold your virtual Christmas party over video conferencing platforms your team is already familiar with such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams orWebex. Each of these platforms can allow you to tie aparty theme into the experience. For example, Zoom has thousands of Christmas backgrounds. 

1. Plan and Set an Agenda 

When preparing to host a virtual holiday party with the team, it’s important to plan. Planning a virtual Christmas party involves a lot of moving parts. Give your team plenty of notice and book time in advance. You should also set an agenda for the virtual Christmas party. Figure out if your goal is to deepen relationships, increase team collaboration, or simply to have fun.

2. Select Activities with the Team

Virtual events tend to feel “hands-off” so to make your virtual Christmas party more interactive, invite your team to participate in activities selection. Ask for their input on which games to play, which theme to incorporate, and let them share their ideas on making the virtual holiday party more engaging and entertaining. This makes your team feel valued and will result in better engagement.

Virtual Christmas Party Ideas 

There’re a variety of Christmas party ideas to make your holiday party a success. 

Christmas Icebreakers – fluid conversation can be hard to come by in a virtual holiday party, so using a few festive icebreakers might get your party off to a flyer. Here’re a few ice-breaking ideas:

  • Which GIF or image best describes your Christmas so far?

  • Alternative Christmas lyrics where you offer the first part of a Christmas carol and the team comes up with a better ending.

  • Ask your team to share a hilarious Christmas story.

Virtual Secret Santa: A Christmas party wouldn’t be complete without secret Santa. You can pick out names using a gift exchange generator then send presents before the holiday party. You can then open the gifts together over video conferencing at the online party. 

Christmas Karaoke: you can lead spirited renditions of common Christmas carols like Jingle Bells, Frosty the Snowman, or Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer. 

Craft Festive Ornaments: You and your team can craft ornaments together by following a tutorial. You can send your team ornament kits before the party so you can all be prepared. 

1. Party Themes 

A strong theme can make your Christmas virtual party stand out and more special. The theme should bring out the Christmas spirit, such as falling snow, the North Pole, or scenes from Christmas movies. Use your theme to set Zoom backgrounds. 

2. Dress Code 

Ask your team to wear something festive. This might be a Christmas sweater, reindeer antlers, a Santa hat, Christmas t-shirt or sweater, elf costumes, festive jewellery, green Grinch hair, or even a Santa suit. You can make it more fun by asking the team to vote on the best costume and award virtual prizes to the winners, such as virtual Christmas socks. You can use Google forms to collect the votes. 

Party Planning Checklist 

Hosting a virtual office Christmas party requires almost the same amount of planning as in-person holiday parties. Taking the time to plan activities and incorporate special details will make your holiday party. Here’s what you need to include in your virtual Christmas party checklist. 

1. Online Party Invitations 

Because your virtual Christmas party will take place via video call, you’ll have to send your team a meeting room link. Send out the invitations on time at least three weeks before the party ensures none of the team gets double-booked.

Instead of using the standard URLs, opt for a colourful digital invitation to grab your team’s attention and build their anticipation for the party. The invitation should include information about food, dress code, and any other pertinent information.

2. Party Supplies

If you plan to include beverages and food at your party, consider shipping them to the team in advance. You can send them a box of goodies or reimburse your team for a treat or meal or send credits for a food delivery service.

3. Virtual Party Games

To get your team talking and mingling at your virtual Christmas party, incorporate holiday-inspired virtual party games. He’s a list of Christmas party ideas: 

Online Holiday Bingo: this fun and the familiar game allows your team members to interact and chat. You can play as a group throughout the party, or your team members can play among themselves. 

Virtual Holiday Scavenger Hunt: These are always a fun and active way of engaging your team. Virtual scavenger hunt usually takes about 15 minutes, and the first person who brings back the item gets a point. You can also award extra points if the winner shares more about the object. Here’s a list you can get started with:

  • Your winter coat

  • The most holiday-inspired item in your house

  • Favourite gift of all time

  • Christmas movie

Virtual Christmas Trivia: Virtual trivia is an excellent Christmas party idea. Your team can answer audibly via webcam or using a poll or chat features. 

Cookie Decorating Contest: Your team can decorate the cookies and compare results, or you can allow team members to independently decorate and upload their cookies to a shared photo album, then let them vote on the best-decorated cookies. 

Employer’s Responsibilities at a Virtual Party

As an employer, you have a duty of care in providing a safe party environment for your employees. This also includes preventing bullying and harassment from occurring as much as possible and being prepared to intervene if it takes place.

A good tip is to have a policy that clearly outlines employees’ obligations and expected standards of conduct at work related events. In the lead up to the party make sure staff are reminded of standards of acceptable behaviour and their obligations to comply with Company policies, particularly those relating to matters such as bullying and harassment, drugs and alcohol in the workplace and health and safety.


The best part about hosting a virtual Christmas party is making it as innovative, simple, or elaborate as you want. Tune in to your budget and ask your team for input to increase engagement. Contact us for more information on how you can make your virtual holiday party a success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you Make a Virtual Meeting more fun
  • Play ‘Freeze’. Pretend to be frozen and if you’re caught out then you lose a point
  • Play ‘Word of the Day’. Choose a word – e.g. ‘shenanigans’ – and try to slip it into a conversation without others noticing
  • Have dress-ups
  • Play virtual murder mystery
  • Hold a trivia session
How do you Party Virtually?

Partying virtually is similar to partying non-virtually. The most important thing to do is stick to your event agenda and keep things organised and constantly moving.

What is the Best Way to Organise a Christmas Party?

The best way to organise a Christmas party is to do it early, with enough notice for your employees. It should also be well supplied with foods and drinks and entertainment options.

What is a Good Theme for a Christmas Party Online?

Christmas is the best theme for an online Christmas Party, but here are some other theme ideas:

  • Rare Animals
  • Exotic Professions
  • Under the Sea
  • Favourite Simpsons Episodes
  • Favourite Buildings
How do you Announce a Christmas Party?

There are many ways to announce a Christmas Party, but in this day and age it’s best to do by instant messenger, email or via social media.

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