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Employsure Voices | Black Velvet Cakes

Published: December 7, 2023

Employsure Voices is our way of shining the spotlight on our clients and their stories. This month, we spoke with Luke who shared with us the importance of a strong relationship with his staff, and how Employsure has supported the specific needs of his business to support the growth and improvement he is looking to achieve. 

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In about 2015, a friend of mine

started Black Velvet.

The products were great.

It was getting some celebrity backing

which was good and winning some awards,

but it wasn't going anywhere.

I created the e-commerce store online

and then as things progressed,

I got more involved in the business

as it grew, and

from that

it just kept on snowballing

bigger and bigger to what we have now.

If you think of a cake

like the ones that we have, like

celebration cakes,

it really is the center of attention

for the celebrant.

We're very hard on ourselves

on making sure

nothing bad goes out because this is such

an important moment for someone's

21st, 30th, 40th, 50th.

We even have cakes

done for people

who are turning 100, which,

you know, is just,

it just warms and melts your heart.

Very early on in the business,

we started a contract with Employsure,

to help us with all matters of HR.

My philosophy was,

I worked in so many industries before

Black Velvet,

I wanted to pick

the best of what I've learned

and create that for this business.

It’s wonderful because they have

so many templates that we use.

I can call them up and say, “Hey,

I need to start performance management.

What do I do?”,

and they just supply me with templates

and they can walk me through it,

and they have guides

about how to start a performance

management system in the business.

Another part of Employsure

that I subscribe to

is the Workplace Health and Safety.

This is really important to me,

not only for my employees

but also

mitigating the risks of the business. So,

Employsure have provided me with

standard operating procedures for ovens,

for our pot washers, for the mixers.

And what they are is instruction

guides and warnings

that staff have to read

and accept

before they start using the equipment.

There's just so much to cover

and as a business owner,

I can't be a HR professional,

doing this full time,

that’s why I rely on Employsure.

These employees come and

they get trained by us,

we want them to stay.

So create the best environment you can.

As the business grows,

we have to have strong partners.

I have strong lawyers,

I have strong accountants.

I need someone strong in HR

and that's what Employsure provides.

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