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Reasonable Management Action

A management action is any action or undertaking carried out by management (eg. performance appraisals, ongoing meetings, counselling or disciplining, investigations) that is more than a day-to-day operational instruction. A reasonable management action is one which is justified and sound and would be considered by a reasonable person to be reasonable in the specific circumstances in which the action transpired.


The end of a person’s employment because there is no more work available. Redundancies may occur for the following reasons: technology has replaced the need for a human, sales and customer demand are low, the business is bankrupt or insolvent and must close down; or the business is merging, being purchased or relocating overseas.

Redundancy Entitlements

Payment from an employer to an employee who has been made redundant. The amount of redundancy pay an employee gets depends on the length of continuous employment with their employer including the terms of their employment agreement, registered agreement, contract or An employer may apply to the Fair Work Commission to reduce the amount of redundancy pay if they either helped the employee find a new job or cannot afford the full redundancy amount.


Payment and / or other compensation provided in exchange for services rendered. Remuneration most often takes the form of a salary, wages, commission or piece rate. It may also include bonus allowances such as a company car, medical plan, accommodation or extra leave entitlements.

Right of Entry

Right of entry refers to the part of Commonwealth workplace laws which regulate the rights of organisation officials (such as a trade union) to enter premises. A federal permit holder (ordinarily a union official) may enter a site during working hours to investigate a suspected contravention of the FW Act, or a term of a fair work instrument, to hold discussions during meal times or other breaks with employees and / or to perform inspections and other functions under a State or Territory OHS law.

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